Attracting Your Puppy to Pee Pad – Hacks That Actually Work

by Sophie Parker
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Attract puppy to pee pad

Hey are you looking for ways how to attract dog to pee pads? Worry not!

I’ve shared some secrets to attract dogs to pee pad. So grab your treat pouch and a dash of patience, and let’s unleash the power of attraction!

Here are some quick ways to attract dogs to pee pads:

  • Sniffing Superpower: Look for pee pads that have a gentle scent already on them. These scents smell a bit like doggy business (think pee or special doggy signals) and will be like a giant “GO HERE” sign for your pup’s super sniffer.
  • DIY Doggy Lure (Vet Says Okay!): Want to get crafty? You can mix up your own safe spray to attract your pup. Just ask your vet first (they’ll give you the paw-sitive okay!), then dilute some white vinegar or baking soda with water. Spritz a little bit on the pad, and watch your pup get curious!
  • Treat Time Treasure Hunt: Pups love treats, so why not use them to your advantage? Place a super yummy treat right on the pee pad. This will be like a fun treasure hunt for your furry friend, leading them right where you want them to go! Remember, rewarding good behavior is the key to success.
  • Pick the Perfect Potty Spot: Imagine your pup’s ideal bathroom. It should be quiet, easy to get to, and away from anything exciting (like toys or doors). Finding the right spot will help your pup feel comfortable using their pee pad.
  • Double Duty Pads: Starting out, try using two pee pads close together. This gives your pup a bigger target zone and makes it easier for them to hit the right spot. As your pup gets the hang of it, you can slowly reduce the number of pads down to just one.

Unlocking the Power of Attraction – From Puddles to Paradise

The battle against puppy puddles – a war fought on bathroom floors and carpets, armed with endless mops and valiant sighs.

But hold on, weary warriors! There’s a secret weapon in this battle, a fragrant force whispering “go here” to your pup’s nose – the power of attractants!

Decoding the Scent-sational Science:

Puppy pads often come infused with enticing aromas, mimicking natural doggy cues like ammonia or pheromones. Think of them as tiny scent flags, guiding your pup towards the designated pee-zone.

Nature’s Allure vs. Chemical Chemistry:

  • Natural Options: Opt for pads infused with gentle essential oils like calming lavender or sweet orange – not only are they safe for your pup, but the familiar aromas might create a sense of comfort and encourage use. Think calming spa vibes for your furball!
  • Chemical Chameleons: Some pads use synthetic attractants, often mimicking specific urine components. They can be effective, but some pups might find them harsh or overwhelming. Think potent perfume department rather than a relaxing nature walk.

Scent Spotlight: Grass is Greener (on Pads!):

For pups naturally drawn to the outdoors, grass scented puppy pads offer a familiar allure. Imagine it as a mini park right in your living room, beckoning your little explorer towards the “go-zone.” These pads combine convenience with natural appeal, potentially easing the transition to real grass potty breaks later.

DIY Delight: Whip Up Your Own Attractant Potion!

Want to go paw-fully natural? Here’s a simple recipe for a DIY attractant spray:

  • Mix 10 drops of pet-safe essential oil (like lavender or chamomile) with 1 cup of water. (Always consult your vet before using essential oils with your pup.)
  • Gently spritz the solution onto your puppy pad, creating a subtle allure for your furry friend.


  • Scent sensitivity is real: Observe your pup’s reactions and choose gentle scents if they seem overwhelmed.
  • Consistency is key: Place the pads in the same spot, and stick to a regular potty schedule. Think routine, not random pee-zones!
  • Positive reinforcement reigns supreme: Celebrate every “go-on-the-pad” moment with treats, praise, and tail-wagging joy. Remember, happiness is the best motivator!

Unleashing the power of attraction isn’t just about sniffing out the right scent; it’s about understanding your pup, creating a comfortable environment, and celebrating every tiny victory.

Attract and Hold Attention – Building the Pee-fect Paradise

Scent might be the siren song, but the potty paradise symphony requires more than just a fragrant melody. Choosing the right pad, setting the stage for success, and mastering the art of positive reinforcement are crucial acts in this furry opera. So, grab your conductor’s baton and let’s orchestrate a pee-fect performance!

Picking the Paw-fect Pad:

  • Age and Breed Matter: Consider your pup’s age and size. Smaller pups might need specialized “mini” pads, while larger breeds crave spacious pee-zones. Think Goldilocks and the three pads – find the one that’s just right!
  • Scent Savvy Selection: Not all pups dig the same fragrance. Observe your furry friend. Do they seem overwhelmed by strong scents? Opt for gentle options like lavender or chamomile. If they’re indifferent, bolder scents like grass or ammonia might do the trick. Remember, personalization is key!

Staging the Potty Haven:

  • Location, Location, Location: Choose a quiet, easily accessible spot away from high-traffic areas. Think tucked-away corner, not living room centerpiece. Consistency is the conductor’s cue!
  • Double the Sniff, Double the Fun: Place two pads near each other initially, gradually reducing the number as your pup grasps the concept. Think two singers are better than one for olfactory overload!
  • Bonus Barrier: Consider enclosing the potty area with a low gate or playpen. This creates a designated “pee-zone” and minimizes distractions, especially for curious pups prone to wandering.

Positive Reinforcement – The Sweetest Melody:

  • Fanfare for the “Good Go”: Celebrate every “go-on-the-pad” moment with enthusiastic praise, pets, and even a high-value treat. Remember, a standing ovation fuels pup-ular confidence!
  • Timing is Everything: Catch your pup in the act and gently guide them towards the pad. This reinforces the association between the scent and elimination, making the potty paradise chorus stronger.
  • Patience is the Power Ballad: Remember, success takes time. Don’t get discouraged by occasional mishaps. Keep practicing, offer consistent praise, and celebrate the small victories. Think marathon, not sprint!

Bonus Tips for Stubborn Symphonies:

  • Rotate the Rhythm: To prevent “scent fatigue,” periodically replace the pads and clean the area with a pet-safe solution. Think fresh sheet music keeps the performance engaging!
  • Distraction Dazzle: Minimize distractions near the pad, like toys or furniture. This keeps your pup focused on the fragrant melody, not off-key temptations.
  • Seek Help When Needed: Don’t hesitate to consult your vet or a professional trainer if you’re facing persistent challenges. They can assess your pup’s individual needs and offer personalized guidance. Remember, sometimes, a professional conductor can help refine the potty paradise performance!

So, go forth, fellow fur-parents, armed with your knowledge of scents, placement, and positive reinforcement. Conduct your pup towards potty paradise, one paw-sitive step at a time.

Remember, patience and love are the most powerful notes in this furry symphony, and soon, the puddles will be replaced by tail wags of joy!

Conquering Common Challenges: When Puddles Persist

The potty training saga – a journey filled with puddles of frustration and mountains of wet wipes. But fear not, weary warriors!

Even the most enthusiastic scent chorus might encounter a stubborn pup refusing to sing along. So, let’s grab our troubleshooting toolbox and tackle those pesky pee-formance issues!

Stubborn Symphonies – Adjusting the Score:

  • Scent Shuffle: Not all pups dig the same fragrance. If your furry friend seems overwhelmed, try a gentler scent like chamomile or an unscented pad. Conversely, a bolder grass aroma might entice the scent-apathetic pup. Remember, personalization is key!
  • Location, Location, Relocation: Sometimes, the perfect potty paradise placement requires a tweak. Move the pad to a quieter, less distracting area. Consider factors like proximity to doors or balconies that might mimic outdoor cues.
  • Routine Revamp: Consistency is the conductor’s baton. Revisit your schedule, ensuring frequent potty breaks after meals, naps, and playtime. Predictability paves the way to potty paradise!

Health Harmonies – Addressing Concerns:

  • Allergy Awareness: For pups with sensitive noses, unscented pads are the safest bet. Remember, their well-being is the top note in this symphony!
  • Ingestion Antics: Worried about your pup chewing the pad? Opt for larger, sturdier options and discourage nibbling with chew toys or engaging playtime distractions.
  • Hygiene High Notes: Regularly replace soiled pads and clean the area with a pet-safe solution to prevent odor build-up and maintain a healthy potty haven. Think sanitation is the background rhythm keeping the performance fresh!

Embracing Patience – The Sweetest Melody:

Remember, every pup learns at their own pace. Some might be Beethoven, mastering the potty concerto in weeks, while others resemble a playful puppy Mozart, needing a bit more time to find their rhythm. Don’t get discouraged by occasional mishaps; celebrate small victories and keep practicing with unwavering patience.

Bonus Tip:

Consider consulting your vet or a professional trainer if you’re facing persistent challenges. They can assess your pup’s individual needs and offer personalized guidance, helping you refine your potty paradise performance!

So, go forth, fellow fur-parents, armed with your troubleshooting toolkit and a heart full of patience. Remember, conquering stubbornness and overcoming challenges are simply different movements in the potty training symphony.

Keep conducting with unwavering love and positive reinforcement, and soon, your pup will be singing praises (not causing puddles) in no time!

Embracing Eco-Friendly Alternatives – A Paw-sitive Symphony for the Planet

The war against puddles might be fought indoors, but its impact ripples outwards. So, why not harmonize with nature by incorporating eco-friendly solutions into your potty paradise symphony? Let’s swap disposable pads for greener melodies and celebrate sustainable success with your furry friend!

Green Gear for the Go Zone:

  • Biodegradable Beats: Ditch the plastic and opt for biodegradable puppy pads made from renewable materials like wood pulp or corn starch. Think Earth-friendly sheet music for your potty performance!
  • Reusable Rhythm: Invest in durable, washable training mats. These reusable options not only minimize waste but also provide a familiar texture for your pup, smoothing the transition to real grass someday. Remember, sustainability and convenience can duet beautifully!

DIY Delights: Nature’s Own Attractant Chorus:

Who needs harsh chemicals when Mother Nature herself offers alluring options? Whip up your own attractant spray using safe, household ingredients:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Aria: Mix one part vinegar with two parts water and gently spritz the pad. The mild scent helps neutralize odors and might entice your pup with its natural tang.
  • Chamomile Tea Serenade: Brew a weak chamomile tea and let it cool. The calming aroma could create a comfortable potty zone for your sensitive-nosed pup. Remember, DIY solutions deserve responsible disposal too!

Responsible Disposal – The Final Movement:

Whether using commercial or DIY attractants, responsible disposal is the final, harmonious note in this eco-friendly symphony:

  • Commercial Attractant Encore: Check product labels for specific disposal instructions. Some might require rinsing or special waste treatment facilities.
  • DIY Duets with the Drain: Diluted DIY solutions can often be safely poured down the drain. For concentrated mixtures, consider soaking up residue with paper towels and disposing of them responsibly.

Embracing eco-friendly alternatives isn’t just about saving the planet; it’s about teaching your pup valuable lessons about sustainability and respecting the environment.

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The Final Encore: A Potty Symphony in Three Acts

We’ve journeyed through the fragrant world of attracting your puppy to the pee pad, a symphony of scents, strategies, and heartwarming victories! Remember the key chords:

Act I: Scent Savvy: It’s not just about magic sniffs – choose the right scent based on your pup’s preferences, age, and breed. Grass-scented pads offer a familiar allure, while gentle aromas like lavender work wonders for sensitive noses.

Act II: Beyond the Scent: Placement is key! Create a designated potty haven away from distractions, and adjust the location if needed. Positive reinforcement is the conductor’s baton – celebrate every “go-on-the-pad” moment with praise and treats.

Act III: Embrace the Journey: Stubbornness happens, but patience and troubleshooting prevail. Explore DIY attractants like apple cider vinegar or chamomile tea, and always prioritize responsible disposal.

And before you raise the final curtain, don’t miss the must-read guide Do Puppy Pads Have a Scent to Attract Dogs? Dive deeper into the science behind attractants, compare natural and chemical options, and discover why scent plays a crucial role in potty training success.

So, go forth, fellow fur-parents, armed with this fragrant knowledge and endless love. Conduct your pup towards a pee-fect paradise, one paw-sitive step at a time!

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